How to send message on WhatsApp without saving number

WhatsApp Web is one of the most accessed sites when using a computer device. One of the reasons is that users of the WhatsApp application do not need to always check their smartphone devices when new messages come in, simply by opening the WhatsApp Web site. 


Although the WhatsApp Web site is quite attractive to users of the WhatsApp application, in fact the features on the WhatsApp Web site are not as complete as the features in the WhatsApp mobile application. However, it does not mean that the WhatsApp Web site cannot be used optimally. Because by utilizing extensions on the Google Chrome browser, we can add various interesting features on the WhatsApp Web site.


There are several extensions that can be used to add features on WhatsApp Web, one of which is the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension. By taking advantage of this extension, there are several features that you can add to your WhatsApp Web; such as adding passwords, pin multiple contacts, etc.

But did you know that by using the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension, you can also send messages without having to save a contact number first, you know?


1. Use the Google Chrome browser application installed on your computer to open your account’s WhatsApp Web site. But first, tap the puzzle icon and make sure the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension is active. However, if the extension is not yet available; You must first install the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension on the Chrome Web Store site .

2. Then open the WhatsApp Web page of your account, tap the puzzle icon and tap the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension .

3. To be able to send messages without saving contact numbers, give a check list on the menu Enable start conversation with non contacts . Automatically on the left side of the Status icon, an add message icon will appear .

4. Tap on the add message icon and then type in the WhatsApp contact number you want to send the message to. When done, tap the Chat button and you will be directed to the contact’s chat page. Type the message you want to convey and tap send. Finished. 


By taking advantage of the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension available on the Google Chrome browser, you can now send messages on WhatsApp Web without having to save a contact number first. 

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