How to Search Song Titles with Google

Familiar with the sound of a certain song but don’t know what it’s called? Come on, search for the song with Google. Now that Google is equipped with a song search feature, here’s how to use it!


Almost all humans who live around the world must have heard the name of the song. Yep, song is indeed one that cannot be separated from our lives, whether it’s in shopping centers, or in cafes, schools and other places. Always playing a song to refresh the atmosphere. For some people listening to songs is also a hobby in itself. As we know, there are some songs that might affect someone’s emotions.

Well, because we often come into contact with the past in our daily activities, maybe you have heard a song that someone accidentally played or listened to on social media and it feels good to hear. But unfortunately you don’t know the title of the song. Of course, you will be confused if you want to download and save the song on your smartphone memory .


Luckily today there are lots of applications for smartphones and PCs that we can use to search for song titles. However, according to the title above we will not use additional applications. But using an application that is definitely embedded in our respective smartphones , namely Google.

Google has mastered everything, including searching for a song. For how and step by step , please follow the tutorial below.


1. The first step, you can open the Google application on your smartphone or use the Google search bar on the main screen. Then you can tap the microphone icon to start searching for songs.

2. Second, when the Google assistant is active under it will appear the Search Songs menu , tap the menu. Next you can sing or hum the song you want to find.

3. Google will automatically look for song references that match what you sing. You can also search for other results or see videos and also the lyrics of the song you are looking for.


Google is known to be an internet giant. We can get any information easily with the help of Google. Of course, the song search feature on Google today will also really help us to find songs that we don’t know the lyrics and title for. Not to mention that we don’t need additional applications and are immediately shown along with the video.

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