How to Change Fonts on Android Like iPhone

Are you an Android user? Are you also bored with the existing font types? Indeed we know that the keyboard on Android usually uses the Google keyboard as well as the default keyboard. There is a feeling of boredom with the appearance of the font that is just that. So the idea arose to change the font on the cellphone.

If you’ve ever used an iPhone or at least looked at it, you’ll notice a different font. Indeed the iPhone has always had a unique display feature. When you use an Android cellphone and then switch to an iPhone, you will feel the difference.

So on this occasion you will know how to change the font on an Android phone to be like the font used on the iPhone. So you won’t be bored when reading or writing on your cellphone. Even if you’re not using an iPhone, you can feel like you’re using an iPhone.


1. Please download the zFont 3 application on the Play Store.

zFont 3 App

2. Install the application and open it when finished.

3. A request to install package will appear, please press “GRANT PERMISSION” to give permission for the application. Give the zFont 3 app permission to run on the phone.

4. There are several menu options such as Color, Emoji, and Stylish. Color to change the color of the font used. Emoji to choose various emoticons. While Stylish to change the font type. Please select the Stylish menu by pressing the “SEE ALL” button.

5. Press the search logo in the upper right corner. Then look for the font “SanFransiscoBold”.

6. Press the “DOWNLOAD” button to download the font type and wait until the process is complete.

7. Select the “A” icon in the upper right corner. Then select the HP brand that is used.

8. Please select APPLY, CHANGE FONT, Apply. Wait until the process of applying the font on the cellphone is complete and after that the font has been successfully changed.


That was how to change the Android phone’s font to be like an iPhone. So that the appearance of the writing on your cellphone can be more attractive because it is not as usual. The zFont 3 application is safe to use because it comes from the Playstore. This is not an illegal application that has a lot of viruses. Use the zFont 3 application to add cool fonts that you have. So even though you are using Android, you can still feel like using an iPhone.

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